The Roman Baths Spa

  I have lived in Somerset for 3 years now, and when we lived in Bath, The Roman Baths I visited a couple of times but had never been to the torchlit nights they have on in the Summer. Last week I was invited by Socialight App to attend a torchlit night at The...

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Visit Bath Tour

I had the great pleasure of being invited onto the Bath Makers trip hosted by Visit Bath a couple of weeks ago. We moved to Bath a couple of years ago and like anywhere you live after a time it becomes a habit and you don't notice all the new places popping up around...

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72 Hours in Prague

  Be still my beating heart, Prague you have stolen my heartā€¦ From streets that make me feel like I am part of a Hans Christian fairytale, to sipping on cocktails in a Art Nouveau American bar, I am coming back . This March, my husband and I had a short break in...

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