Hello ! So good to see you here. I am a lifestyle personal branding photographer.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level ? Are you looking for marketing, website and social media images that tell the story of your brand ?

I am a visual storyteller and I thrive on helping small business owners and female entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level with photos that truly tell the story of you and your brand.


a lifestyle blog for lovers of travel, food and photography
Welcome to my lifestyle blog,  for lovers of travel, good food and photography.
I am  a photographer who loves to help small businesses tell the story of their personal brand. Are you looking to have some beautiful curated images that fit your brand and style for social media? Maybe you need an updated portrait for your website ? With so many new businesses starting everyday you need to stand out from the crowd, I’m here to tell your story.

Stand out! Build connections! You’re the face of your business.

For those who love to immerse themselves  in travel photography and tips, good food and recipes, this is the place for you too Grab a cuppa and take a look around , feel free to contact me with any questions.


a lifestyle blog for lovers of travel, food and photography
Why I don’t make New Year Resolutions

Why I don’t make New Year Resolutions

It's that time of year again, Big Ben has chimed in a New Year 2019 and gym memberships are being signed up, cookbooks for healthy eating are flying of the shelves, and I've already broken every NY resolution I have made and its only January 3rd ! So I'm not making...

How to Dry Oranges

Oranges, cinnamon and star anise wafting from the kitchen conjures up Christmas for me. I love the festive season and every year I promise myself I will be more organised and actually get round to doing some handmade decorations for the house. This year I have made a...

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Nook – The Interview

Nook is an Australian influenced juice and bowl bar selling cold press juices, pokē, smoothies, and broth bowls with a  Japanese, Hawaiian and California twist. Recently opened in Frome, Somerset tucked away in a "nook" on King Street, I for one was very excited to...

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My 7 Favourite Podcasts

I am addicted to podcasts, there I said it! I absolutely love them. I listen in the car, soaking in the bath, when I am editing and before I go to bed. There is never a time I don't pop a podcast on these days. A podcast is so easy to listen too and I often feel like...

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